Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Nice Cup of Tea: My Affair of White Tea

                                                                 WHITE TEA

     If a heaven were to exist responsible for our beautiful little blue pearl  hanging on the fringes of a celestial arm, divinity's after creation would  be a drink to equal its masterworks and frailness! White tea. Its surprisingly young being having divinity introduced it at the turn of the nineteenth century for the light and delicateness of the heavens. Produced with only the finest silvery tips  from the bests of shrubs, dried, withered and finally curled to be enjoyed in the purest of form without any junk added to it. The tea when brewed can't stand the heat of a hand nor a mouth of an un-initiate.  Heathen tongues and the un-worthy no need apply but for the most discerning of souls finds no other quite simply elegant as white tea. White tea being the god's gifts  allows almost no living souls to afford such luxuries nor brew its quality out every leaf without leaving a ghost of itself! A faint memory! A reminder only those closest to gods could have ever done so perfectly to enjoy rightfully! Even the gods themselves who;s quality  is  beyond any mere mortal could have not tame their own creation and would rather do away itself than be awed! Its rewords only those higher than the gods, and even with a bother of an effort  gives almost nothing in return!
       Niceties aside, Is there much to say about this damsel who often come easily to their drinker and leaves straight after? Purist and connoisseurs swear by its simplicity of the purest of flavors. Much of the world have no knowledge of white teas which are produced in small by honest farmers in China, and have been revered over as the teas of emperors and nobleman! I definitely agree, despite what some chaps who knows nothing but a sugary and milky cuppa or those fruity teas that hardly give off the flavors of the leaf, white tea is a treat of the art of nature and truest of taste! Its an acquired taste that ask for more essence from a crop that was exactly grown for, its like expecting the best grapes of burgundy to make a fine French wine.
        A tea with few frills and little whistles, white tea is expensive but deservedly so artfully crafted from the best growers in China! The versatility however is few which maybe of concern to some tea drinkers and paying for tea that can steep multiple times, gives off a few flavors than what black tea can give. That is the concern basically! Versatility, the ability to be cheap, the ability to please many palettes, can be reusable, hold and take many flavors. If a tea has few or not all its not worth buying despite what obsessives might say otherwise, but like many fine foods its not at all pleasing if you build up a taste for a niche. Definitely esoteric, not for everybody and deserves recognition among the few...but to all it maybe just another over glorified leaf!

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