Friday, February 24, 2012

Final Word Before the Storm

   I started writing this blog without a proper introduction and have gone without looking back for anyone who stumbles on to this blog to wonder who, what, and why I have started about this blog in the first place. Well, I'll start now by saying I'm quite a practical man, love every simple things in life, love tea as much as family, and try to experience, share, and soak up a lot of travel and culture as I journey through life. However, this does not mean I'm quite restrained or blunt but honest and hell even frank when it comes to the subject of tea, and/or society itself. Whatever I find my fancy in or really have to bag about the worst cuppa or sorts I ran into, I will type out with all my hearts content and forgive me for any readers out there who finds the blog to unsavory to their liking. I just think its quite right to speak out honestly to give the best possible feedback to whoever needs a personal opinion and general overview in the world of tea and society. I may have the tendency to go off in a tangent, expressing concerns or an "encyclopedic like" knowledge" in matters of tea and society but do keep in mind I'm no expert but someone experienced and may get things wrong. Remember the old adage "Knowledge is not written on stone, it changes like the seasons", so don't take my word for advice too seriously.
         Now to get straight to the gist, I like any kinds teas of tea but prefer plain tea and I tend to taste each one by sipping in the liquid aggressively (almost like slurping). This method
helps swirl the liquid in touching every corner or the tongue unlike sipping which only the tips are touched by liquid and quickly follows through every taste buds, making distinctions of flavors hard but to the most discernible of tastes. Breathing in while sipping brings in aromas that can quickly be picked up in the nose, being the nose a sensitive organ that can detect a particular smell if one's memory and experience can serve well. Then there are the usual methods of sight, smell, touch and feel of the tea before brewing that can add more dept than by sipping and breathing smells alone. Tea is a work of art, all four of five senses should work in concert and even beckons the attention of a said drinker to admire the beauty of furled and withered leaves, the colors and smells of the tea, all the way to the feel and taste of the tea to admire the art of it. After all, eating food without any thought what it looks like, smells, feels like is much like eating dirt or slops  than you would be eating something decent and made with efforts for the maximum of indulgence and content.
         As a fact already read by some readers, I also try to discuss social issues normaly concerned with tea, but not limited to it. If there is something that puzzles me, needs questioning or critique, and praise or general rants, it will posted as such with lots of honesty and need be, references to back up certain topics that are controversial or sensitive like; tea culture and socio-economical topics that needs a strong point in order to consider a decent article. I hate to give out pure biases (all though a bit tough), and inflammatory posts that will certainly lead a flame war that won't do a good service to anyone, everyone is entitled to beliefs and the posts in this blog won't be an absolute directive but an exchange of experiences and some suggestions. Tea and society are always together, it encompasses our daily lives and state of living which is why at least to a degree I talk about it in this blog without so much bias.

         Now comes to the dread rating system and commentary provided by me! I tend to be fair and equal in terms of rating a tea, but when there is something to be said once again that needs a tongue lashing or worship I jump to posts with zeal! I have in mind a system that rates by versatility points between 1-10, that simply stresses that general factors of a reuse, ability to be blended, and other factors. Taste factors ranging from 20-100 allows the greatest amount of accuracy to gauge a taste profile that can encompass a varied sensations without being underestimating or overestimating a tea. The factor of coasts per every ounce of tea is vital to the ever thirsty individual , so naturally price is determined by actual  price ranges as seen in stores or in the net.  A tea's power rests importantly on being palatable and user friendliness, so ratings are described in detail for a tea's palate and the user friendliness of a tea is given a range between 1-10 being; 1 considered to be a connoisseur's affair, 5 being enjoyed by all drinker types, and 10 being economical to all drinkers. It may seem snobbish at first to rate palatibility of tea among drinkers, but there is a fine line between when a tea really tastes like muck, a tea that is hard to discern by acquired personal tastes, or exceeding expectations, its simply sensible to at least to determine a general drinkers resolve. To get a better picture a proper example as follows:

                                                                Tea X
  "A wonderful team and a wonderful stroll in a market, what is more to ask? I found this little jewel amongst the giants of tea, between Lipton and Twinnings, Tea X and its shiny little box and a simple logo defy the fancy cartons and plastic wrappings of other teas. To the assuming eye with a mind quick to judgement, Tea X may seem unattractive and displeasing that offers short of any quality in tea today. But the sheer allure of mystery, generous prices and quantity, and quality not just in advertising (a tactic in tea giants nowadays) but solely in the tea leaves itself unlike other companies....
Versitility: 80; a tea that promises the world can surely promise any possibilities so long as an imagination and adventure in taste exist among drinkers.

Taste: 80; A tea is tea when its own leaves impart flavors and richness than artificial flavors alone! Tea X is the epitome of natural flavors and will not disappoint the most discerning of drinkers!

Palate: Its leafy green vegetables, steam spinach with a side of nuts and fish! A healthy choice and a rich flavor that nobody will for go in passing up a nurturing flavor.

Drinker Friendly: 7; Connoisuers and tea newbies will agree that Tea X is a tea for almost everyone who loves a tea that is vegetal and rich! No other teas apply!


  Final Word: A tea for everyone and even the rich if cought drinking this tea won't feel ashamed! Egalitarian,
rich and nurturing is all what sums up to be a tea of quality and devotion. Tea X is not just any tea, or beverage, or made by some company but those who love tea itself and people!"

     This rating system is quite subjective excluding pricing and palatibility that seems to between subjection and objectivity, however like all rating systems based on some subjectivity its up to drinkers to decide upon themselves on how tea can measure in their palates and look for consistencies to draw accurate conclusions. This is just an account of the experiences of I had drinking types of tea and in no way a directive, a picture If you'll say to better understand a tea in dept. Now, to start with reviews, the mayhem and the storm! Bon voyage dear tea drinkers and hop to see you all in the flip side!

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