Friday, February 10, 2012

Mr.Tea: Business Giant and Entrepreneur

     What lengths would go for a cuppa? Eight hours worth of plucking leaves by some leaves? Sweating in the midday sun, walking till the feet gets numb and plucking leaves till the hands fall off ?!  After a day's worth, and years of work all for 2 pence worth!? Believe it or not dear drinkers! That work by such lot of burden needs no ignorance of their efforts for tea, but all the appreciation of diamonds! Its for tea itself are diamonds and these poor blokes who have yet to taste of their hard earned efforts may at least live up to the day when can afford such luxuries! But what is preventing them? Why are such labours  done for so many years yet these workers earn short of their efforts, which turns out to be follies worth nil but more to the consumer?There is of course the lack of tastes for tea, of which such an era that has ever been so ignorant of an elixer as this!
        Instead, the world seemingly turns for the worst best thing: Coffee! A drink drunk bitter and lively with saugar and milk to tame, has health benefits a few ,with flavors of none with the boldness of a lion! such sins not only affect the user, but the poor (literally) tea farmers who come to rely upon loyal customers are found abandoned for another fix! So why no plant other crops? Surely a producer who has in centuries by distant customers can switch to another crop? Its more work for fine lads in straw hats, picking leaves  and beans ! There is so much demands for tea and coffee that the hills, sun, cold and rains, are simply an obstacle worth the exercise for workers of the hundreds of thousands working the fields!
        Now if the products seems to expensive by many hands in the field taking a shares of profit, machines will fill the role! More leaves and beans,  the more  shares of pay to keep the efforts of growing  tea or coffee and fulfill the insatiable demands of the world! Its worth  mentioning those still working with tea or coffee will find there efforts more manageable, a life less hard, hours less time working and more time relaxing! Need I mention more whom moved on? Is it not, the dream of the fruits of efforts worth every costs!? No more crowding with a room up to the brim, sharing a field for every leaves worth a basket! Now, one man can earn the whole shares thats once divided amongst but an hourly pay can moderate a disparity!  A win for all that customers that enjoys products at good costs, while earnest loyal workers gets a cut for their efforts! Now, when famine strikes, drought, bad climate(brought about by whatever) , failing crops, poor land, etc just switch from one producing country to another or switch crops!
        What of the complaints from workers or producers?Well, to answer the markets call for ample supplies, cries of plight goes no further. Workers who are luckiest to earn a wage picking leaves or beans should very well appreciate the best what can be made from their efforts(e.g. machines and fertilizers, seeds, etc)! what most of they have left will ease their plight , boost profits for more customers, and everyone gets a good cut!
The debts to land, crops, supplies are all to be paid in full all, thus maximizing production and minimizing the costs of production by means to curve anything that brings more debts to pay extra efforts! If it were given over to this concept, every crop would be doused in pesticide  from losses to insects both on the surface and underground. If the crop needs water, then divert rivers to feed every crops, eke out every cubic feet of  ground water  to satisfy the needs to grow more and sustain a yield without it dying off. If the water happens to be tainted, then make the crop resistant! Make it even pest resistant , weather resistance,  pack it full with flavors and have pluck out its own leaves! The skies the limit!
          Bottom line: use the most when it comes to what is provided and move on! If there is a slim chance that there is to be salvaged with farming goes wrong for tea, coffee or what not, then do save it and have it resist and sustain itself! Products must be produced in the highest amount to lowest of efforts in order to keep a demand, keep up with demand, and importantly have more of it at drop dead prices! What is better than producing the best brew is the generosity from loyal customers? They pay what they get and more, to us its what we love to provide. Tea and Coffee! Whats more, we can cater to what ever they demand to go along with tea or coffee..but that is another story!

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