Saturday, February 18, 2012

Thoughts on Herbal Tisanes

                                                              Herbal Tisanes 


    A drink made of hedge clippings, roses stolen from the Jones's, weeds and even hemlock! Virtually anything can be made in to a long as its tasty and not poisonous! Seriously! Why not drink the essence of rose, or the relaxing nature of chamomile? Herbal Tisanes are quite the misunderstood drinks being the "whimp" of any drinks (besides juices), anyone seeing drinking Tisanes would means they're crashing for the day or  questionable sexuality in their fondness for things with roses and herbs. But hey! I like agua frescas, they are typically herbal tisanes in a way, nothing but a cold "jamaica", "tamarindo", or "horchata" in a hot summer's day! Herbal tisanes are all about relaxing, lounging around and getting in touch with nature's "awfull" pansy but literally healthy and refreshing! Need I say more?


       Well, I'll start flat out with chamomile, its a "sunflower" you can literally eat...well drink! It grows in moderately temperature to semi-arid places, and has a starchy, a macho aroma of pollen or woodiness but still really floral. Its mainly used in for realxing teas that often people associate with sleeping or napping after downing a cup or two, but its hardly more than a sleep aide. Its what I call dear readers; a flower for hardiness! In the wonderful world of Tisanes, chamomile is actually quite a strong flower thats able to provide an amount of rough taste like an Assam tea but nurturing with good amounts of vitamin A, some potassium for the heart, and flouride to streghten teeth enamel. Healthy and even mildly anti-inflamatory, it goes beyond as sleep aide and makes a pretty damn good cold tea for summer!

       Secondly, a herb that does deserves as much of a reputation for health benefits and its acceptance by all. Rooibos. This herb is generally found in South Africa under the local name "African honeybush" or red bush tea. It has been for a while sold in numerous places as the all around, all day and night tisane to be drunk by itself or with milk and sugar, and it makes a fine "cuppa" alternative. It usually has a earthy, starchy, tangy and somewhat of a  faint floral flavor  of chichory without its kick. It has all the necessary vitamins such as potassium, and antioxidants to supplemnet and sustain the daily needs of the body. Its even considered an anit-spasmodic tea that decreases the affects of  upset stomach and attributed symptoms. Rooibos has a tannins owing a much mild and less bitter taste but astringency is quite high being a bit tangy when steeped, it might not be able to be reusable as it loses its flavor being lighter after repeated steeping. A tea with few problems more bang and nutritional goodies, its a drink worth drinking time after time and never gets dull!


        A tea that will never get dull nor disappoint is mint tea ! Have it in the morning, in the afternoon, evening or night, any time and day it'll give not only a fresher breath but revitalizes you figuratively and literally! Mint has essential vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, and folate to calcium and potassium for any days needs which leaves any drinker waking up a day later even more refreshed and revitalized from inside and out. Even the taste of mint, gives a sense of vigor, activity, liveliness, and energy has garnered this simple herb admiration for a strong but pleasant taste that goes well with any food, and drinks. Homemade remedies and holistic remedies to combat diseases and ailments utilizes mint to cure stomach ills, to colds all the way to guarding against pox! Is there anything mint or herbs CAN'T do!? Apparently, it can do all and more while taste great to any one eating its leaves or drinking the essence of mint. Who would not drink min tea and pass by its notorious goodies? I sure won't and neither a sweetened iced mint tea won't satisfy a hot day than anything else!                            

          Hibiscus is another grand ole favorite drink enjoyed hot or cold! In the Middle East and Europe, its known or its medicinal properties, its floral and pleasant taste, and compatability with any blends or addivitives to best enjoy this wonderful flower. In South America  its enjoyed cold and slightly sweetened  often called "jamaica" its served together along with other beverages in meals and as a standalone drink to enjoy in the humid and hot days in leisure for the most part a personally favorite of mine! It has all the nutritional goodies like potassium (by now a very common nutrient) and antioxidants that prevents an onset of dies eases and a digestive aide, but all the goodies are not not just worth drinking for but its flavor! A mild less starchy, and pack full of floral flavors, rose and sweet nectar of hibiscus is all what everybody needs! Just add sugar, some ice cubes, sit by the pool relax and enjoy this herb like all herbs. It may not bring caffeine, may not have the associated stereotypes, any bells and whistles but pureness of nature and her mothering gift. Tisanes whether shunned or loved has a heart and openess in everyone to let down their guard and relax, what it teaches the most is to have more of it for a vacation that will never seemingly end!



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