Thursday, February 9, 2012

An Imperial Perspective on Black Tea


       Black teas are almost the lifeblood of most peoples in my opinion. Ever so  powerful and yet so tamable of drinks despite the origins from once it came from.  Good  cold, really comfy when hot and the most versatile and potentially the most  useful all teas! Have it iced, have it hot, have it warm, with milk or sugar, flavored, unflavored, blended, clonal, so and so on! So welcoming it is that it may very well be considered the "melting pot" of teas! Having been steeped in history of empires, thirsty souls, and many cultures who fell in love with the tea almost a century ago! Varieties number in the hundreds being the popular Assam and Ceylon teas used for  breakfast and afternoon and to most exclusive teas: Turkish, and Georgian black tea known for their unique qualities while Darjeeling known as the "champagne of teas" is renowned the world over for its taste! Black teas symbolizes the world over and possible almost every obsessions on their affinity for this shrub than no other tea! Health benefits abound with as much potassium of bananas, fair strength compared to coffee, and antioxidants to rival any super foods bought in the market! The one true ability for black teas popularity and the sole reason why tea came in the spot light is that it can have a variety of flavors!
        Much like coffee, it can be bitter, astringent, and sometimes tannic, but its flavor profile can encompass flavors from starchy, earthy, malty(kinda like malt candy sweetness) all the way to chocolaty, floral, fruity and spicy flavors...the potential are endless! If one were to venture outside a specific drinks they only favor, they may find their fancy and take of which black tea gives and more! Although all of these benefits are now overshadowed by its reputation to be strong, high in caffeine, and lacks more essential minerals unlike green tea, and has a bad reputation thanks to certain stigmas brought on by companies! Frailties pervades everything in life as much as tea! Yes, sure green tea has EGCG, omega 3, potassium than what black tea offers caffeine,  some potassium  and of course flavors but drinking tea is  not about drinking it for its health benefits! Than its otherwise if everything were to be consumed soley for health benefits, tea itself may be lacking in many essential nutrients to provide much support for the body. Tea is not a crutch! Its a drink meant for the said drinker to enjoy its many tastes, health benefits are just a bonus and may or may not promise treatment, prevention or cure of any ills! After all, the good things in life are not all that good...but tea! Admittedly, black tea has its drawbacks but its preeminence and popularity in the world will never weaver and will inspire more interests deep into tea! I say drink on and live strong! Black tea is all about that!

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