Monday, February 4, 2013

Tea Connoissuer or Tea Snob: There is a Big Difference!

     Coming off from many forums, places of warm kindred spirits all conspired against Snobbery! Worst yet, they associate it with Connoisseurs. I myself is a type of a connoisseurs of tea in a way ( who wouldn't!), I have grown for a taste of a shrub that is deliberately grown for enjoyment and not just stimulation! I do encourage arts of tea making, having to toil in fields plucking young leaves, artfully withering it, and tasting it for the appreciation of beauty! This is a connoisseur's opinion of tea, the sheer appreciation of crafts, the enjoyment of many flavors, a labor of love, and commitment of the few (and fewer) tea artisans wanting still some space for tradition that is rapidly disappearing in the face of industry. The snob...oh the snob is in all for  societal status! Brandishing a bag of  "tea", wonderfully wrapped in the most discerning of packaging, yet possessing them a mockery of a tea! They go about to their equals  symbolizing how far they have come to afford luxuries, that garners pride and reverence while their subordinates writhes in envy and jealousy. Snobs care not for qualities inherent in tea, they don't have opinions as (most possibly) they see themselves higher than tea, nor do they care for its promotion, consumption, and continued survival of a craft! The moment another symbol comes around that matches their perceived superiority, they abandoned that bag of tea for a Lambo or a Leer Jet.  Shallowness guaranteed but for the connoisseur who loves and take tea into their hearts is a matter of unbridled passion for such a simple drink. Its not caffeine, its not just for flavors, its for something that snobs do lack in : Meaning! It is meaning that drives us connoisseurs to love tea for it history that has impacted cultures to come around and be harmonious, enjoy life slowly and the flavors so rich as time  be made through its liquid . This is the main difference between us connoisseurs and Snobs, the two maybe similar but different in many ways...never can it be so similar.

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